Charles Kadlec

October 12, 2011

In Barack Obama’s keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic convention, he rebuked “those who are preparing to divide us,” and famously declared, “there’s not a liberal America and a conservative America; there’s the United States of America. There’s not a black America and white America and Latino and Asian America; there’s the United States of America.”

Paradoxically, his unifying speech seven years ago and his divisive rhetoric of today both reveal the president’s governing philosophy, at its very core, is that of a community organizer.  The only thing that has changed is the reality of how the economic policies of a community organizer when applied at the national level are themselves, inherently divisive.

Once elected president, Obama’s vision of the United States as a single community collided with one of the fundamental goals of a community organizer, to gain political power for the purpose of transferring resources from those outside the community to those inside the community.  By so doing, the community organizer accomplishes several objectives.

First, he serves his community by increasing the resources in that community, from increased government services to expanded payrolls. Second, the community organizer increases his or her power by direct or indirect control of who benefits from those additional resources and by becoming the spokesperson for the community.

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