Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
Monday, October 17, 2011

Three years ago, President Obama cynically sold hope and change to get elected. He promised to initiate diplomatic talks with Iran, bring an end to the Iraq war, undo Bush-era laws, and create millions of new jobs.

The American people thought they were voting for the anti-Bush. What they got instead was a third Bush term.

President Obama caved in to the special interests, kept the Neocons around, and let the criminal banksters get away after fleecing the American people.

When it comes to foreign policy, nothing has changed. The plan for World War 3 is still in motion. On Iran and Israel, Obama is a neocon and a Cheneyite. He wants the American people and the international community to unquestioningly love Israel and hate Iran.

But the White House propaganda doesn’t match the facts and the truth of history. Reality is not on the side of the hijacked U.S. government and Israel. Top officials in Washington are going against history, logic, morality, and world public opinion by defending Israel’s bad action and vilifying Iran for crimes it never committed.

Even the most brainwashed Obama voter now admits that the Obama White House betrayed its promises to the American people, while it honored its promises to the Bush White House and the CIA to not bring Bush officials to justice for the crime of torture.

You don’t have to be religious to see that Obama is an angel of the dark side who is leading America and the world down the trail of world war, bloodshed, and mass death.

But the American people have woken up. So as the 2012 presidential election nears, President Obama has to find a way to reinvent his damaged brand or at least make the election not about him but about something else, like another war with Iran, or Europe’s financial troubles, or obstructionist Republicans.

Cynical, shocking, and depraved methods are needed to save Obama and help him win re-election in 2012. The hope card has been maxed out. The race card is not enough to win an election. The new guy card is also done. That leaves the fear card and the war card.

This time around, President Obama is copying Bush by selling fear and war to keep his job.

The Obama administration’s lie about the Iranian plot to kill Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in Washington is part of a larger propaganda campaign by the U.S. shadow government to make the American people focus on an outside enemy rather than on economic problems, Occupy Wall Street protests, and Obama’s horrible first term.

In other words, Iran is for President Obama in this election what Osama Bin Laden was for President Bush in his bid to win re-election in 2004. At the time, a number of Bin Laden video messages mysteriously appeared right before the 2004 presidential election to petrify the American people and keep them in a state of fear.

The Bush administration did this on purpose. They released fake Bin Laden videotapes created by the CIA just in time to help Bush get re-elected.

Unfortunately for Obama, the Bin Laden card was ripped apart and thrown in the trash can in May. Of course, it’s not all gloomy for Obama. He can use the brand new “I killed Bin Laden” card. But that is a useless card because the American people have tuned out of the war on terror circus show. So Obama can’t get re-elected by touting a fake military victory in a fake war.

Something big needs to happen. The CIA, the White House, Israel, the neocons and the banking-military-industrial-media complex desperately need to bring back the mood of 2001-2003, when fear was high and dissent was low.

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And the only political tactic that can achieve such a miracle is an act of state terror and mass murder. The evildoers in the White House and Israel need to stage another event like 9/11. Or probably an even bigger event that will shift global public opinion towards supporting a war with either Iran, or Pakistan, or both.

Obama’s handlers know that they have to inject a new dose of fear back into American politics and American culture. Thousands of innocent Americans have to be killed and sacrificed by Washington’s shadow terrorist state in order for Obama to get re-elected.

Last year, former Clinton advisor Robert Shapiro told the Financial Times that Obama’s presidency can only be rescued by another terror attack, which would propel him forward to a new stage of history, making him America’s chief guardian in a time of global crisis. Shapiro said:

“The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership. He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.”

The traitorous establishment media did not pay any attention to Shapiro’s evil and crazy remarks. But the independent media was not blind and timid. Paul Joseph Watson wrote at

Shapiro’s veiled warning should not be dismissed lightly. He was undersecretary of commerce for economic affairs dung Clinton’s tenure in the Oval Office and also acted as principal economic adviser to Clinton in his 1991-1992 campaign. Shapiro is now Director of the Globalization Initiative of NDN and also Chair of the Climate Task Force. He is a prominent globalist who has attended numerous Bilderberg Group meetings over the past decade.

Shapiro is clearly communicating the necessity for a terror attack to be launched in order to give Obama the opportunity to unite the country around his agenda in the name of fighting terrorists, just as President Bush did in the aftermath of 9/11when his approval ratings shot up from around 50% to well above 80%.

There is a very real threat of a new Washington/Israel/Saudi Arabia state-sponsored terrorist attack in the United States.

In the coming year, Obama administration officials may move away from foiling fake terrorist plots that were concocted in their own minds with the help of the FBI and other federal agencies.

Instead, they will get more extreme and start staging deadly terrorist attacks to scare the American people, shut down debate and dissent, and move forward with the elitist agenda for world war three and world domination.

The criminal corporate and financial oligarchy that controls Washington depends on periodic acts of state terror to stay in power. Such horrific acts are committed by the shadow government to heighten the tension and remind the American people that the post-9/11 security regime is a good idea and not a waste of public money.

But the psychopathic oligarchy won’t only use state terrorist attacks and political theatre to keep themselves in power and secure Obama’s re-election. They need a big world war to crush public dissent against Wall Street criminality, the private Federal Reserve cartel, and the traitorous federal government.

In his article, “Corporate-Fascists Clamor for Iran War,” Tony Cartalucci says that the Western fascist superclass wants nothing more than a huge war in the Middle East to consolidate political power on a global level in their hands, and President Obama is happily advancing their evil agenda. Cartalucci writes:

While many Americans scratch their heads at what appears to be a profound mystery – a Democratic president carrying the torch of a Neo-Conservative Republican’s global war, not only maintaining all previous wars, but expanding the battlefront – in reality this linear, continuous policy that is being executed piecemeal by both sides of the American political aisle is the direct result of these corporate-funded think tanks successfully commandeering both political parties.

These next few months are very dangerous. The hijacked U.S. government, the treasonous neocons, and the barbaric Israeli government are committed to starting a world war with Iran. They will use any excuse, no matter how trivial or manufactured, to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.

The war criminals in Washington and Israel will probably invent an international crisis or stage a false flag attack in America and then blame it on Iran to blacken its reputation on the world scene.

President Obama is busy preparing the political stage in the international arena to make an attack on Iran by Israel and the West sound like a reasonable, appropriate and defensive move. Obama badly needs the support of the international community for a U.S./Israeli/Saudi Arabian war against Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Pakistan.

Obama must be stopped. The evil Israeli government must be stopped. And the traitorous Neocons must be stopped. They want to destroy America, Western Civilization, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Israel and Iran.

Once all the damage is done the totalitarian elite will then try to sell their evil authoritarian global government to the people of the world as a necessity for world peace, world stability and world unity. This solution must be rejected and their evil lies must be exposed, or else we will all be slaves to the tricksters in power who are bringing about the destruction of our world.

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