An overwhelming majority of the mainstream media is comprised of “fake news,” President Trump expressed Thursday.

Speaking to Fox and Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt, Trump took the fake news media to the woodshed, slamming the distorted, negative coverage of his presidency.

Asked whether “the press” is the enemy of the people, Trump clarified he believes it is the “fake news” which is the enemy of the people.

“The fake news is comprised of – it’s a lot, it’s a big chunk, okay? Somebody said, ‘What’s the chunk?’ I said 80%. It’s a lot, it’s a lot.”

“If I do something well, it’s not reported – other than in the 20%,” the president said.

Trump also called out the “crazed” New York Times, which refuses to publish positive stories.

“The New York Times cannot write a good story about me. They’re crazed. They’re like lunatics.”

Grading his presidency an “A+” so far, Trump went on to say the only area he fails is with the media.

“The only thing i’m doing badly in is the press doesn’t cover me fairly.”

“I thought after I won – you know, they killed me during the campaign, just killed me. I said, ‘Well one good thing about winning, I’ve showed them, so now I’m gonna get fair press.’ Guess what? It got worse. It’s worse.”


Watch the president’s entire Thursday morning interview:

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