Viral meme maker “Carpe Donktum” and other social media personalities have been invited to attend a White House summit to be held later this month.

Donktum posted an image of the invite to Twitter, which reads, “The President requests the pleasure of your company for The Social Media Summit to be held at The White House.”

The president has in the past tweeted several Donktum memes, including one which mocked a Time Magazine cover edited to imagine a Trump presidency that lasts forever.

Trump also tweeted a Donktum meme showing Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden groping himself, which the media immediately called out as “doctored.”

Donktum also regularly appears on Infowars’ War Room program, and The Alex Jones Show.

Donktum was selected as the winner of Infowars’ $10,000 NPC meme contest, held in October 2018.

The White House has also extended invitations to Turning Point USA Executive Director Charlie Kirk, representatives from the Media Research Center, and PragerU.

In the past, the president has expressed support for preserving free speech on social media, especially in light of Big Tech efforts to silence conservatives.


Emergency Message To Donald Trump Concerning Big Tech Censorship and July 11th Social Media Summit

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