President Trump shot back at presidential contender Joe Biden for claiming he would try to steal the 2020 election.

Underscoring his opponent’s obvious mental decline, Trump described to Fox News’ Harris Faulkner Friday that watching Biden stumble on the campaign trail is just plain “sad.”

“Look, Joe’s not all there,” Trump said.

“Everybody knows it, and it’s sad when you look at it and see for yourself.”

“He has created his own sanctuary city in the basement of wherever he is and he doesn’t come out,” Trump added, referencing the long stretch Biden spent out of the public spotlight, ostensibly for coronavirus social distancing.

Biden appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah this week claiming President Trump would try to rig the election, and that Americans would see him escorted out of the White House by the military.

“My single greatest concern: This president’s going to try and steal this election,” Biden told Noah on Wednesday. “This is a guy who said all mail-in ballots are fraudulent, voting by mail, while he sits behind the desk in the Oval Office and writes his mail-in ballot to vote in the primary.”

“I am absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch,” Biden claimed.

We are 161 days out from the election…And Joe Biden wants you to know that he will beat Joe Biden.

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