Twitter suspended a new Infowars account twice in only 12 hours after it was created, confirming previous reports of an ongoing purge against alternative news on social media.

The account, KitDaniels1776, listed in its description and was only used once to tweet out an Infowars video showing Ferguson, Missouri, police snipers targeting unarmed protestors, but within hours it was suspended as a “suspected spam account” and required a successful CAPTCHA validation to unlock.

But not long after the account was reactivated, and without anything else tweeted from the account, KitDaniels1776 was once again suspended and now requires a mobile phone number to unlock.

In comparison, another Twitter account under Kit Daniels but without in its description has never been suspended in its nearly one year existence.

This suspension is just the latest in an ongoing purge of independent media and social commentators from Facebook and Twitter who expose the establishment’s false narratives.

Last night, the official RealAlexJones Twitter account was blocked from sending tweets and multiple users of Facebook also reported they were unable to share YouTube videos by Infowars and other alternative media outlets, including E.T. Williams and Mark Dice, during the past day.

“I clicked on ‘Share’ at the bottom of YouTube as usual to post [the latest Alex Jones Show] to my Facebook profile to share it with various people from back home [in England,]” Infowars viewer Chris C. said. “Normally it goes straight through, but Facebook gave this error message stating ‘bad content’ or something of that nature.”

Additionally, Facebook was also adding erroneous code to shortened URLs yesterday, so when its users clicked on for the video stream of the Alex Jones Show, Facebook redirected them to the decoded URL which took them to the wrong page.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has impeded Infowars and other members of the independent press.

In late 2012, for example, Facebook suspended at least 20 accounts operated by individuals in alternative media during a 24 hour period, claiming they violated “Facebook policies,” and the social media giant even threatened to close the official Alex Jones account over an image of Osama Bin Laden with the words “Al-CIA-da” written underneath.

And a lot of this censorship is in fact orchestrated by the government.

“Specifically, the government spends a great deal of manpower and money to monitor which stories, memes and social movements are developing the momentum to actually pose a threat to the status quo,” reported Washington’s Blog. “For example, the Federal Reserve, Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies all monitor social media for stories critical of their agencies … or the government in general. Other governments – and private corporations – do the same thing.”

“Why? Because a story gaining momentum ranks high on social media sites, so it has a high probability of bursting into popular awareness, destroying the secrecy which allows corruption and becoming a real challenge to the powers-that-be.”

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