An illegal immigrant who was deported in 2010 admitted to shooting a transgender woman in Dallas last month, and now, the suspect is on the loose after a judge let him go without an ankle monitor.

A 29-year-old Mexican citizen named Domingo Ramirez-Cayente was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on September 24 after admitting to shooting 35-year-old Daniela Calderon, a transgender prostitute who is also an illegal immigrant.

“Ramirez-Cayente was processed as an expedited removal and removed to Mexico on March 27, 2010. ICE has not encountered Ramirez-Cayente since his 2010 removal,” ICE spokesman Timothy Oberle said.

Calderon was shot six times in the hip, chest and abdomen after the suspect solicited sex from her.

The attacker allegedly yelled homophobic and transphobic slurs at Calderon while he fired his gun.

“He shot me because he hates gay people. I never had contact with him. I never touched him, nothing,” Calderon insisted. “Then, why would he shoot me without knowing me? This is a person who is bad in the head and those people should not be on the outside.”

Ramirez-Cayente posted bond and left the Dallas County jail within days after a judge let him out on $25,000 bail with no electronic monitoring device.

Judge Hal Turley, known for whipping through hearings in less than a minute according to the Dallas Morning News, set the shooter’s bond at $25,000 with prohibitions on alcohol, possessing a weapon and contacting Calderon.

Public information officer Kimberlee Leach said, “As soon as the DA’s office was made of aware of the low bond, we moved to amend the conditions of bond to include a monitoring device; unfortunately, the defendant had already fled.”

Calderon voiced her disappointment in the judicial system, asking, “Who does justice serve, if by paying a bond a man can leave and this crime can go unpunished? Or, what if he had killed me?”

“It’s unjust. In these moments, I feel courage, lots of frustration,” she continued.

Calderon, a Honduran citizen, is looking to secure a U visa, which permits victims of specific crimes to stay in the U.S. and to apply for green cards if they provide law enforcement with information about the crime.

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