Trump loyalists are still up in arms over Chief of Staff Reince Priebus for bypassing Secretary of State Rex Tillerman to slip to President Trump a list of crony fat-cat RNC donors that Priebus wanted to reward with ambassador nominations to plum diplomatic posts. has previously reported that despite President Trump’s public statements of support, Priebus is on the ropes, as Trump loyalists are assembling evidence that Priebus was responsible for demeaning leaks about Trump to the Washington Post and for engineering the purge of National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Now, Priebus is also on the hook for having recommended to Trump a group of well-healed GOP elite donors with shady pasts that are certain to cause Trump additional headaches in the upcoming congressional confirmation hearings.

In the article published Wednesday, Infowars documented that on Priebus’ list of 15 top RNC donors who coveted the top ambassador appointments as prizes for their contributions was Duke Buchan, who stiffed investors when his $1 billion Hunter Global Investors hedge fund went belly-up unceremoniously in December 2011.

Infowars also reported that Buchan’s Hunter Global Investors Offshore Fund Ltd., registered in a well-known tax shelter – the Cayman Islands – was put into “voluntary liquidation” on Dec. 4, 2012.

At the same time, Buchan somehow managed to squirrel away some $2 million in a tax-deferred charity, The George and Sarah Buchan Foundation, with charitable disbursements that appear to have reached a high of only $46,269.00 in 2012, making questionable how much charity the foundation was actually accomplishing.

Infowars now has evidence that from 1998 to 2000, Buchan was on the board of Scottish Annuity & Life Holdings while also a managing director of Maverick Capital Ltd., two companies that were the subject of a Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations inquiry, which issued a report on Aug. 1, 2006, entitled “Tax Haven Abuses: The Enablers, the Tools and Secrecy.”

As a result of this investigation, the SEC filed a lawsuit in 2010 against Sam and Charles Wyly – partners with Buchan in the Scottish Annuity & Life Holdings offshore funds scandal – charging, among other things, that the defendants had hidden $550 million in trading profits by using “an elaborate sham system” of offshore entities.

On Feb. 2, the New York Times reported Buchan and his wife during the 2016 presidential campaign had committed $898,000 to Donald Trump’s fund-raising vehicle, Trump Victory – the maximum allowed under federal campaign laws.

“Some $10,800 went to Mr. Trump’s campaign. The rest was allocated to the Republican National Committee, thus endearing Mr. Buchan to Reince Priebus, then the head of the committee and now Mr. Trump’s chief of staff,” the New York Times noted.

Priebus later recommended Buchan to be U.S. ambassador to Spain.

Also on Priebus’ list was financier Lewis Eisenberg who Priebus recommended be named U.S. ambassador to Italy, another plum appointment.  On Jan. 16, 2002, the Washington Times reported that in 1989, Eisenberg resigned his partnership in the prestigious Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs after a former assistant filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

“A 1990 Wall Street Journal article said ‘no one denies’ that Mr. Eisenberg, who was married at the time, had a seven-year affair with Kathy Abraham,” the Washington Times article continued.  “In her lawsuit, she claimed that Mr. Eisenberg suggested she have sex with other Goldman Sachs partners.”

“The suit was later dismissed and Miss Abraham recanted her claims after receiving a settlement from the firm.”

At Priebus’ urging, Eisenberg agreed to head the RNC’s fund-raising effort with the Trump campaign in 2016, but he donated only $11,000 himself to the Trump Victory Fund that he was heading at that time – a donation that caused Drew Gerber at to comment that the small size of this donation “may reflect a continued reluctance [on Eisenberg’s behalf] to throw any tangible support behind the controversial GOP presidential nominee.”

The Trump Victory Fund turned out to be much more of a bonanza for Priebus and the RNC than for Trump’s campaign.

On May 18, 2016, CNN reported the $449,000 maximum contribution under federal law to the Trump Victory Fund netted a maximum limit of $2,700 for the Trump campaign’s general election fund, $33,400 for the RNC, $110,000 for the 11 state parties and hundreds of thousands of dollars for party’s building, legal and convention funds.

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