Britain’s former consul-general in New York is pushing back against Prince Andrew’s alibi for where he was the night he allegedly raped Virginia Roberts.

During a trainwreck interview with the BBC’s Emily Maitlis on Saturday, Britain’s Prince Andrew denied staying overnight at deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion and claimed to have stayed at the British Consulate General in New York.

However, New York’s British consul-general at the time, Sir Thomas Harris, doubts the Duke of York stayed with him on the date in question.

When asked about the allegation that he had sex with then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts at Epstein’s NYC home in April 2001, Andrew said, “I think the date we have for that shows that I was in Boston or I was in New York the previous day, and I was at a dinner for the Outward Bound Trust in New York and then I flew up to Boston the following day.”

“Because of what I was doing, I was staying with the consul-general, which is further down the street [from Epstein’s home],” he continued. “So I wasn’t staying there [at Epstein’s home]. I may have visited but no, definitely didn’t, definitely, definitely, no, no, no activity.”

Sir Thomas, who was New York’s consul-general from 1999-2004, told the Daily Mail he has “no recollection” of Andrew staying with him.

While Thomas said he lost his diary that could have confirmed whether or not Andrew stayed at the consulate on the date in question, he explained it would be formally registered in the Court Circular.

The Court Circular, which is the official record listing engagements carried out by the Royal Family, has no such information for April 9-11, 2001.

“Normally, I would give him a dinner party in the evening,” Sir Thomas explained, adding that the stay not being documented by the Court Circular “makes me suspect he wasn’t with me that night.”

“If he stayed with me, we would normally arrange for businesses to come in. My understanding is that it would be in the Court Circular,” the former New York consul-general stated.

He proceeded, “I was led to believe that was the normal form. If you go through the Court Circular, you will come across the other visits he paid to New York. That was the typical pattern.”

Perhaps not so coincidentally, this news comes on the same day Prince Andrew announced he will “step back from public duties for the foreseeable future,” to minimize the negative press for the Royal Family.

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