The Prince of Wales has visited the site in Bucharest from where the infamous Vlad the Impaler ruled his citizens.

Charles toured the ruined area in the Romanian capital’s old town that was home to the 15th century ruler and is now part of a museum complex.

Charles saw the statue of the 15th century nobleman – famed for impaling his enemies on stakes – and the ruined remains of his royal court when he toured the historic quarter of Bucharest.

The Prince was taken on a guided tour by architectural historian Valentin Mandache.

They stopped in front of the imposing statute of Vlad – said to be the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula – and discussed it for a few moments.

Mr Mandache said afterwards: “I made a bit of joke that he’s his ancestor. I was saying the statue was put there in the 1970s.

Charles’s bloodline can apparently be traced to the man who inspired the classic vampire horror story.

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