Luke Baker
February 28, 2008

Prince Harry
  Second Lieutenant Harry, Prince of Wales third in the line of succession to the thrones of the United Kingdom, likes the killing fields of Afghanistan and hates freedom of the press.

Britain’s Prince Harry, who has been serving on the front lines in Afghanistan for the past 10 weeks, says he doesn’t like England that much and dislikes the nonsense British newspapers write.

The prince, third in line to the British throne, made his comments last week, before news of his secret deployment in Afghanistan leaked on a U.S. Web site.

He told an interviewer he was enjoying being in a combat zone and not “sitting around” in Windsor, the town outside London where the royal family has a castle and Harry’s regiment has its headquarters.

Asked if he would ever want to come back to Afghanistan, he said: “I don’t want to sit around in Windsor.

“But I generally don’t like England that much and, you know, it’s nice to be away from all the press and the papers and all the general shite that they write.”

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