London Telegraph
February 2, 2010

Mr Julius said the Princess made the comment to express her empathy with him as a Jew. The claim is made in the lawyer’s new book about anti-Semitism.

[efoods]He writes: “She was interested in Jews but had no idea about them, save that Jewish men (she had heard) were more likely than the men of her own class and background to treat women decently. She was happy to take Jews to be hostile to everything to which she herself was hostile. She once said to me that she should never have married into a German family.”

Mr Julius first represented the princess when she sued over surreptitious photographs that had been taken of her exercising at a gym.

In extracts from his new book published by The Sunday Times Mr Julius, who was not a divorce specialist but was persuaded by the Princess to represent her again, writes: “Diana lived as if in a vacuum. She was undereducated in the approved style of her class and gender.


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