’s Twitter account @PrisonPlanetTV was suspended from Twitter shortly after the account promoted a live midterm election coverage event.

The promotional tweet detailed the launch of a new series providing live coverage of the latest midterm developments given exclusively by Alex Jones.

You can view a screenshot of the tweet below.

Twitter’s letter claimed @PrisonPlanetTV’s existence violated their rules by saying it was an attempt to “evade a permanent suspension,” yet the account was created several years ago.

But the Wednesday timing is suspect as the account had been active weeks after Big Tech’s purge of’s flagship media accounts.

Also, @PrisonPlanetTV – as well as our other accounts – never engaged in targeted harassment of someone and never incited others to do so.

Given this, it’s reasonable to conclude the suspension was issued to thwart our new midterm series originally intended to circumvent the establishment-approved message allowed by our Big Tech censors.

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