The private company, Moon Express, has announced it raised enough money to get to the moon. Its plan is to mine Earth’s natural satellite to get new resources. It already received the permission of the U.S Government.

The California-based company raised $45 million to finance the trip to the moon. They gathered $20 million just in the last fundraise round. The first step is to get a launcher there to take pictures of the moon’s surface. But considering international law, mining the moon might be harder than they think.

Moon Express (MoonEx) is an American company created by a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in 2010. It was located from 2010 to 2015 at the NASA Ames Research Center, but it has recently moved to Florida’s Cape Canaveral. It was created with the goal of winning the Google Lunar X Prize and to offer commercial lunar robotic transportation and data services.

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