Kathleen Gilbert
October 6, 2010

A pro-abortion UK columnist provoked outrage from advocates of the disabled and horrified her fellow panelists on a BBC television show after she enthusiastically supported the smothering of suffering infants.

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Author Virginia Ironside, who has a regular advice column in The Independent newspaper, appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Morning Live show to argue that killing unborn disabled children is a possible act of mercy. But the other women on the show quickly reacted in horror after Ironside indicated that she was willing to go much further than simply advocating abortion.

“If I were a mother of a suffering child, I would be the first to want – I mean a deeply suffering child – I would be the first to want to put a pillow over its face,” said the columnist. “And I would with any suffering thing.”

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Ironside added that she held that view because “my feeling of horror at suffering is much greater than my feeling of getting rid of a couple of cells, because suffering can go on for years.”

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