While visiting George Washington University last week, members of a pro-life group called TFP Student Action were verbally assaulted, spit on and shoved by outraged students as they exercised their First Amendment right to free speech.

The group was handing out brochures and playing bagpipes to students walking by when a young woman became extremely upset over their presence and started screaming “My body, my choice!”

                                   “My body, my choice,” the girl yelled into the camera.

As time went on, a crowd gathered around the group and one girl argued that if her mother wanted to abort her, it would have been alright, because “It’s her God damn choice to live the way she wants to.”

When she ran out of left-wing talking points to regurgitate, the girl spit on the cameraman and walked off.

“Okay, that was a little bit excessive. The spitting, I do not condone,” said another student.

Another member of TFP Student Action had soda dumped on his back while a woman got in his face and told him, “You are not crossing this line.”

The scene became rowdy after pro-abortion activists, mobilized via social media, brought a loudspeaker playing a song repeating “F**k you,” and students directed the chant towards the pro-life demonstrators.

The pro-life group says a student screamed, “I eat baby lungs for breakfast,” and another yelled, “Hail Satan!”

While the crowd danced to the music blasting through the loudspeaker, one student began twerking and received a massive applause from her peers.

By the end of the event, police officers were brought in to escort the pro-life group to their vehicles.

Watch the full video here:

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