Democrat Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, who is marinated in white guilt and famously declared that white supremacists were behind the rioting and looting, has announced pro-Antifa scandal-riddled state Attorney General Keith Ellison will lead the prosecution against Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin.

Ellison, a former Democratic congressman, has a sordid past that will be ignored by liberal media and targeted by alternative media in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Antifa threatens to infiltrate the suburbs as the nation’s coronavirus-handicapped police force and the National Guard confront the unprecedented reality while Ellison’s leftist comrades like Joe Biden and a host of Hollywood celebrities bail out those who may be deemed domestic terrorists.

But do we need really need the label?

The main issue with Ellison’s catapult into the spotlight is that he will continue to divide and conquer, utilizing his position of authority to only make matters worse.

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