A Parkland student who opposes the anti-gun push promoted by his fellow peers has condemned their latest boycott efforts targeting gun manufacturing investment firms.

On Tuesday, Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school student Kyle Kashuv took to Twitter challenging his peer David Hogg’s call to boycott the Vanguard Group and Blackrock Inc.

Kashuv highlighted Hogg’s hypocrisy in using the Twitter platform to organize the boycott, since the two firms own majority shares in the social network.

[email protected], @blackrock owns part of twitter. Time to fully boycott Blackrock and log off Twitter. Bye,” Kashuv tweeted.

“Checkmate,” Kashuv wrote in another tweet.

After successfully getting many NRA supporting businesses to pull their sponsorship, Hogg announced another boycott Tuesday targeting “two of the biggest investors in gun manufacturers.”

“If you use them, feel free to let them know. Thanks,” Hogg wrote.

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