Scores of pro-ISIS accounts and communities have found a home on Google Plus despite being purged from other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, according to a review by The Hill.

The Hill found dozens of pages across Google’s social media platform that explicitly show Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) propaganda, give news updates directly pulled from ISIS media, spread messages of hate towards Jews and other groups or show extremist imagery.

The Google Plus accounts and communities sharing ISIS-linked content did little to hide their affiliation. Many openly professed their support of the terrorist group. In many cases, accounts featured the ISIS flag and pictures of ISIS fighters.

Some posts showed overt calls to violence, according to Ty Joplin, a Middle East research analyst based in Amman, Jordan, who reviewed and translated many of the posts for The Hill. One image, posted in 2017, reads “Kill them where you find them” in Arabic and English, accompanied by text in Arabic supporting the 2017 Barcelona terror attack.

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