A young, acclaimed pro-life leader believes most women have been taken by surprise that baby body parts are harvested and sold after an abortion, according to the undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress.

The “callousness” of hearing “high ranking Planned Parenthood officials eating their salads, sipping wine, talking about crushing above, crushing below, less crunchy abortion methods affects them,” says Kristan Hawkins, 30, President of Students for Life. She is the mother of four children, and was travelling with her youngest when interviewed for this video.

Despite the controversial campaign by the pro-abortion advocates to “Shout Your Abortion,” Hawkins says in this video interview that “we know that no woman wants to have an abortion.”

“They’re making this decision because they feel they have no other choice,” she says. Then, these young women hear on these videos that Planned Parenthood “is going to alter the procedures so they can get more organs to sell them.”

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