Actions of PPP bolster claims that organization has Democratic bias

Paul Joseph Watson
October 25, 2012

A major polling firm with close links to the Democratic Party establishment refused to conduct a survey on the TSA after admitting they were uncomfortable with material contained on, bolstering claims made by others that Public Policy Polling has a pro-Obama bias.

Having approached numerous different polling agencies, Infowars decided to go with PPP to conduct a simple poll featuring ten questions about the TSA. The objective of the poll was to find out how much indignity and violations of their privacy Americans were willing to tolerate in order to fly.

The questions, price and methodology of the poll were all agreed after back and forth conversations that had been ongoing for over a week, yet PPP pulled the plug at the eleventh hour.

Hours before the survey was set to commence, we received an email from PPP which stated they were refusing to undertake the poll because they were “uncomfortable with a lot of the content that appears on”

On that day our top three feature stories were all critical of Barack Obama and his supporters, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out which content they were referring to.

In addition, despite being started under George W, Bush, the Transportation Security Administration is most definitely on the front lines of the Obama administration’s big government agenda, having expanded its work force by tens of thousands of agents, many of whom are now being used outside the airport at subways, bus depots, political events, music concerts and even high school prom nights.

Along with the Drudge Report, Infowars has been the TSA’s biggest critic. Was PPP nervous about our criticism of Obama or our opposition to the TSA? Maybe both?

Since the very legitimacy of polling data relies on the polling agency carrying out the survey remaining politically non-partisan, the actions of PPP in refusing to carry out the poll raise serious questions about the firm’s neutrality.

These questions have been raised repeatedly by others over the course of the election season because PPP’s polls on the presidential race routinely favor Barack Obama, despite other polls by more prestigious polling agencies showing significantly different results.

In one example, PPP were accused of “cheerleading” for Obama after announcing that Obama had extended his lead in Ohio beyond the margin of his 2008 victory, leading to claims that the agency was “paid by the SEIU” and exhibiting “blatant bias and idiocy.”

Others have accused PPP of deliberately including flagrantly bias questions in their surveys that are designed to elicit an overwhelmingly positive response in favor of Obama.

Conservative website Red State pointed to some of the tactics used in PPP’s polling methods to conclude, “Its fairly common knowledge that PPP is a biased propaganda outlet for the DNC. Having a bias is fine. Having a bias and pretending you don’t isn’t fine but it seems like its par for the course. Worse than that though is using your position as a supposedly integrous source of public opinion data to push narratives in cooperation with the Democratic party.”

PPP has also been accused of running self-funded advocacy polls to bolster the chances of Democratic candidates, leading the Battleground Watch blog to assert that, “PPP polls are laden with pro-Obama and pro-Democrat bias. This is not an independent organization who happens to be Democrat leaning, they are a pro-Democrat polling firm with an agenda.”

Infowars is now talking to other major polling agencies who do not allow political bias to skew their actions in an effort to have our survey conducted within the next week.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

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