Far left news outlet Vox got a strong dose of reality this week after asking Twitter users to describe how the Affordable Care Act has impacted their life.

In a tweet Wednesday that featured a pro-Obamacare image, the organization appeared to fish for positive feedback regarding the controversial healthcare law.

“The ACA essentially saved my life,” the image reads.

In response, Twitter users flooded Vox with countless stories of increased prices, lost doctors and other nightmarish experiences.

One of the first commenters stated he had lost numerous doctors and saw his family premium go from $789 a month to $1,929.

Another Twitter user posted an image of a letter showing a similarly drastic rise in prices.

Many also claimed that they were forced onto Medicaid welfare programs after they were kicked off their employer’s healthcare.

Some even alleged that they voted for Donald Trump, a staunch critic of Obamacare, because of the rising costs in healthcare.

Read a collection of the tweets below:

Have your own Obamacare story? Head over to Vox’s Twitter page to let them know!

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