Tim Carman
Washington Post
September 15, 2012


Of all the media outlets that have taken shots at Beef Products and its “lean, finely textured beef,” the South Dakota-based company apparently feels slimed by only one: ABC and its ABC News division.

The largest U.S. producer of “pink slime” — once widely found in fast-food burgers, supermarkets and the federal school lunch program — filed a defamation lawsuit Thursday against the network, claiming it went on a campaign that cost Beef Products $400 million. Anchor Diane Sawyer and reporters Jim Avila and David Kerley are also named as defendants.

[…] “They hate this product now,” [Beef Products Inc. lawyer Dan] Webb said about customers. “ABC has managed to convince the American consumer that we’re selling some filthy product that is somehow hidden away in ground beef.”

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