Matthew Burke
May 8, 2014


Further evidence that our college system has been taken over by radical Marxist professors is given by this horrific story out of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Otis Madison allegedly told students that were “Ted Cruz-supporting ‘teabaggers’ to get the hell out of his classroom before he sent them home to their mother in a body bag,” as reported in The College Fix.

Student Alice Gilbert, a conservative, enrolled in the class entitled “The Obama Phenomenon,” to broaden her horizons and learn more about Obama, hoping to gain a different perspective, but immediately dropped the class after Professor Madison opened his class with the hateful and potential threatening remarks.

The course description reads:

“[The course] examines the historical, cultural and political nature of the Obama phenomenon. Given the historical nexus of race and class in the United States, the course will explore the historical implications of the election.”

Madison attempted to spin his comments, while also slamming FOX News, telling The College Fix verbatim, including spelling errors from the ‘professor’:

“No. I said that any conservative ideas were welcome but they had to be academic ideas. That tea party non sense like “Obama is a Nazi, Communist, Muslin elitist would not be tolerated and that I would destroy those concepts. You cannot be a Nazi, a communist, a Muslim, and an elitist at the same time. These are philosophically contradictory concepts. If on the other hand you wanted to discuss Obama’s politics that would be welcome. I said, for example, that there is very little difference between Obama and George Bush as it relates to the recovery from the recession. Both moved in the direction of TARP.

Thus, people who wanted to argue the above nonsense should take another class or tune in to the Fox news bobble.”

The primary textbook is “A Home Elsewhere,” by Robert B. Stepto, based on the Obama’s Dreams From My Father, which was claimed to be ghost-written by Communist terrorist and Obama friend, Bill Ayers.

Madison said that the second part of his class “looks at the racist reaction to a Black man being President. This is where the Tea Party racism and the Birther movement racism is considered.”

Gilbert is telling her story as part of the new social media campaign, #MyLiberalCampus.

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