Jason Douglass
January 11, 2011


Progressive Insurance has introduced a new program called ‘Snapshot’ to help drivers, who curb their driving habits, save money.

According to The Progressive site the Snapshot device will be sent to the customer who must plug it into their car. This device will record information about your driving habits (i.e. miles driven, time of day and how many sudden stop you make). After 30 days of recording, the customer could earn a discount on insurance. Make note of the loophole term ‘could’.

Taken from Progressive Snapshot FAQ:

Once you get your Snapshot device in the mail, just plug it into your car’s diagnostic port (usually below the steering column), and drive as you normally would to take your snapshot. Then log in to your policy to view your driving information and projected discount.

Reading between the lines the obvious question is: will the information collected be used against the customer in order to raise their insurance rates? There are also very serious privacy concerns with this type of program.

The Department of Transportation would like to see one of these ‘snapshot’ devices in every car on the street which will make it possible to surveil, tabulate and tax everyone.

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