A family in Portland, Oregon has contacted Amazon after their Alexa device allegedly recorded private conversations and sent the audio files to a random person in the family’s contact list.

The family’s entire house was connected to Amazon devices that controlled the heat, lights and security system.

When they received a phone call from one of the husband’s employees, saying, “Unplug your Alexa devices right now, you’re being hacked,” the family thought it was a joke.

The employee told them he received audio files of recordings from inside the house.

Danielle, who asked for her last name to be kept anonymous, told KIRO7, “At first, my husband was, like, ‘no you didn’t!’ And he’s like, ‘You sat there talking about hardwood floors,’ And we said, ‘oh gosh, you really did hear us.”

After listening to the recorded files for herself, Danielle admitted, “I felt invaded. A total privacy invasion. Immediately I said, ‘I’m never plugging that device in again because I can’t trust it.'”

An Amazon engineer looked at Danielle’s account and confirmed her story.

“He apologized like 15 times in a matter of 30 minutes and he said we really appreciate you bringing this to our attention, this is something we need to fix!” she explained.

Danielle requested a refund, but Amazon has not responded.

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