Google search suggestions appear to prevent users from uncovering negative information about Democrat presidential front-runner Joe Biden.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by IT professional Zalman Lew, Google’s auto-complete search suggestions omit any mention of Biden’s “touching” scandals, his “inappropriate” behavior and his “creepy” conduct.

“The censorship is real as exposed by @Project_Veritas,” Lew states.

“Compare these two searches on @JoeBiden , one done on @Google and one on @DuckDuckGo.”

The video shows Google gives ZERO auto-complete search suggestions for “Joe Biden touching…,” “Joe Biden creepy…” or “Joe Biden inappropriate…”

On the other hand, search engine shows users a number of auto-complete suggestions for the three queries, likely arranged in order of popularity.

“I can provide countless more examples,” Lew says, adding “We need more lawmakers seeing this! Please retweet.”

Other users have also pointed out Google search suggestions appear blank after typing “Hillary Clinton emails,” and “Hillary Clinton private server.”

Here’s the same search conducted on

Earlier this year, Google also appeared to manipulate auto-complete results for Empire star and hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett, helping improve search suggestions for his name.

The practice of eliminating negative searches about a person was perhaps most notable ahead of the 2016 presidential election, when Google was accused of helpfully censoring questions regarding Hillary Clinton’s health.

Lew’s discovery comes in the wake of a bombshell report from Project Veritas filmed insiders within Google discussing company’s bias toward Trump supporters and conservatives.


Can Google Keep Project Veritas Video From The American Public?

Google owned YouTube has now deleted a Project Veritas video exposing corruption within the company and their intention to manipulate the 2020 election of President Trump.

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