As the ISIS War escalates in Syria, its domestic terror corollary is now unfolding in America.

In a matter of hours after the beheading of Colleen Hufford, allegedly by Alton Nolen in Oklahoma City, the establishment media was portraying the incident as ISIS-inspired terror.

On Friday Megyn Kelly of Fox News declared the crime to be “the first American beheading on American soil reportedly in the name of jihad.”

Kelly’s declaration was followed by reports characterizing the suspect as a devoted Muslim who, according to his own Facebook page, worshipped Osama bin Laden and posted photos of ISIS mercenaries who Nolen, posting as Jah’Keem Yisrael, identified as his “Muslim Brothers.”

On Sunday the ISIS beheaders in our midst meme gained further traction when a Tulsa news talk radio station reported that Jacob Murithi, an Oklahoma City nursing home employee recently fired, had threatened to cut off coworker’s head.

The threatened coworker told officers Murithi identified himself as a Muslim and mentioned he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians.”

Prior to the story of an alleged Muslim beheader and a coincidental would-be beheader in Oklahoma, Americans were subjected to relentless propaganda warning about imminent ISIS attacks on the homeland.

Additionally, the American public was told about a previously unknown terrorist group, Khorasan, purportedly kept secret by the government until the day the U.S. announced it had commenced bombing ISIS in Syria.

As it turns out, Khorasan, supposedly comprised of the most hardcore al-Qaeda terrorists, is largely fictional, as reported by NBC’s chief foreign policy correspondent, Richard Engel:

While Nolen’s alleged attack and the reported beheading threats of Jacob Murithi have yet to sweep the larger corporate media as irrefutable evidence ISIS is now engaged in terrorist activity in America, it is being played up by Fox News and the neocon blogosphere.

Other corporate news sites, less overly hawkish but dutifully promoting the War on ISIS narrative, are noting the Nolen’s apparent Muslim connections.

From The Washington Post on Friday:

Two federal law enforcement officials told The Post that Nolen is a recent convert to Islam.

One of the federal officials called Nolen’s Facebook page “provocative,” saying it included a photo of Osama bin Laden. A Facebook page appearing to be Nolen’s includes a wide range of photos, including one depicting a beheading and another of Omar al-Shishani, a prominent Islamic State fighter who is Chechen.

The ISIS homeland terror threat will play out as a vital component in the War on ISIS, which is in fact a continuation of the clash of civilizations war designed to fragment and balkanize the Middle East.

As it now stands, beyond his Facebook page, we know very little about Alton Nolen and his sudden conversion to Islam.

Nolen will undoubtedly follow Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the would-be Boston Marathon bomber, as an example of the threat America faces from Islam. Tsarnaev has yet to be convicted of a crime but this has not stood in the way of his conviction in the media and in the minds of millions of Americans who are daily subjected to war propaganda.

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