Chloe Albanesius
January 2, 2012

“Hackers in Space” sounds like a bad TV movie, but if the group behind the Hackerspace Global Grid (HGG) reach their goal, it could be a reality by the time we ring in 2034.

As first reported by the BBC, the HGG wants to send their own satellites into orbit, which will be open and free from Internet censorship.

The trio behind HGG—Germany-based Armin Bauer, Andreas Horning, and a hacker known as hadez—started work on the project after an August gathering of the Chaos Computer Club called on attendees to create a “Hacker Space Program” that would put a hacker on the Moon within 23 years.

“HGG’s aim is to provide the core infrastructure required along the way. We want to understand, build and make available satellite-based communication for the hackerspace community and all of mankind,” HGG said on its Web site.

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