Protein World, the company that was subjected to a prolonged intimidation campaign by feminists and ‘fat pride’ activists over a ‘beach body’ ad that showed a slender, toned woman, has delivered a massive middle finger to perpetually offended morons everywhere by using the free publicity to fund a huge new ad campaign in New York featuring the same controversial image.

The skyscraper-sized ad is a replica of the one defaced and protested by feminists in the United Kingdom last month. The ad buy is part of a “station domination” plan according to Martin Daubney, and cost 50% more than the company’s London campaign.

This move represents a huge victory for Protein World, which withstood weeks of vandalism, harassment and even bomb threats from irate feminists – backed up by the majority of the mainstream media – while of course expertly taking advantage of the free publicity to make a ton of money.

Of course, the image is only controversial to braindead leftists who believe that health, positive beauty standards are a creation of the evil patriarchy designed to oppress and subjugate women (but they have no problem with women in Islamic countries being forced to wear full burkas).

Meanwhile, morbid obesity is being aggressively promoted by the media as a trendy new social justice cause. Anyone who dares to point out that being grossly overweight is linked with innumerable diseases and leads to death is engaging in “fat shaming.” There have even been calls to make fat shaming a hate crime.

With fat feminists insisting they feel “comfortable” with their body shape (yet weirdly clamoring for public approval on a regular basis), why is there no ‘smoker pride’ movement? Why do I have to be ‘smoker shamed’ for lighting up? Why can’t I celebrate my blackened and diseased lungs? Why am I discriminated against in public places? Why can’t people accept my lifestyle without judgment?

In all seriousness, diseases linked to obesity cost the British National Health Service £47bn ($71 billion dollars) a year, almost ten times the cost of treating smoking-related diseases. Why are feminists and the dominant culture in general encouraging morbid obesity when it is incredibly harmful to women? Why is Protein World being attacked for displaying an aspirational body type? Why are feminists raging about “objectification” when similarly toned and muscle-bound men are used to advertise cologne and underwear all the time? Why are women who encourage fitness and exercise being publicly shamed by feminists?

The fat pride movement is a shocking example of how society is being turned on its head – instead of aspiring to become more active and healthier, people are being taught to see themselves as victims of society rather than products of their own laziness and overeating. This undoubtedly contributes to the fact that Americans are fatter than ever before. The national rate of obesity just hit an all-time high of 27.7 percent.

Protein World’s response to the phony outrage campaign directed against them is the template for how all companies should react in future.

Never apologize, only capitalize.

Watch the videos below for the truth about the ‘fat pride’ movement.

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