A man set a pile of debris ablaze and claims he tried torching himself across the street from the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. to protest the incoming “dictator” on Tuesday night.

The man was reportedly hospitalized with burns but did not appear hurt when explaining his motives to a reporter outside the real estate magnate’s hotel venture, which opened in October 2016.

“We have a dictator that has been elected,” the man told WRC-TV, just as his small fire erupted with what he described as “denatured alcohol.”

The firebug seemed startled by the small explosion but assured witnesses that the worst was over.

The reporter immediately asked, “Why would you do this?”

“I tried to set myself on fire as an act of protest … to protest the fact that we’ve elected somebody completely incapable of respecting the constitution of the United States,” he added.

The apparent arsonist was not immediately identified except that he was from California, according to the television station.

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