Riot police have been dispatched to a U.S. Border Patrol station in Southern California in response to actions by anti-illegal immigration protesters, but video footage reveals that it was pro-illegal immigration activists who were responsible for causing a mini-riot in Murrieta on July 4.

Five people were arrested on Friday as pro-amnesty demonstrators faced off with anti-illegal immigration activists over the issue of buses containing illegal immigrants who had been flown in from Texas.

However, both the media and law enforcement authorities refused to disclose which side the protesters represented, giving the false impression in many outlets that it was anti-amnesty demonstrators that had caused the trouble.

“Police did not say whether those arrested were among the anti-immigration demonstrators who thought that buses of immigrants would again be arriving at the station or the counter-protesters,” reported the Associated Press.

Subsequent media reports revealed that federal agents armed with riot gear are set to descend on Murrieta from today onwards to deal with the unrest.

However, as the video above clearly illustrates, the trouble was caused by pro-illegal demonstrators who assaulted police officers in an effort to free their fellow protesters who were in the process of being arrested.

According to anti-amnesty activists, the opposing demonstrators labeled themselves “anarchist-communists” and had plotted to cause trouble beforehand. One of the communist agitators slapped a woman in the face before being grabbed by police. Her friends then jumped on the police officer and tried to wrestle the woman away.

According to published reports, the people arrested were 22-year-old Janet Mathieson, 33-year-old Pouyan Bokaei, 24-year-old Salvador Chavez and 25-year-old Jessica Rey.

Mathieson jumped on the back of a police officer in an attempt to stop him from arresting someone else and then Bokaei tried to free Mathieson by assaulting the cop.

The five people arrested were charged with lynching, described under California penal code as, “freeing a lawfully arrested person during a riot,” and face up to four years in prison.

One other person, Larry Spencer, who was possibly an anti-illegal activist, was also arrested but was cited and released on a misdemeanor count of disobeying an officer.

Given that federal riot police are now arriving in Murrieta, with local police officers warning the anti-illegal immigrant protesters that “it’s going to get ugly,” it’s worth noting who actually caused the trouble in the first place.

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