Protesters who briefly entered the Marriott Hotel after the Bilderberg Group conference had finished were interrogated by police and had their names taken, exemplifying the irrational level of secrecy surrounding the confab.

Late yesterday afternoon at around 5:30pm after all the Bilderberg Group attendees, organizers and police had left the Marriott in Copenhagen, a group of activists that had been situated across the street attempted to enter the hotel to get a drink at the bar.

When the activists were denied entry by hotel security staff, they immediately complied, left the building and began filming outside.

“Just after they left a van full of police had rolled up who then made a bee-line for the activists – taking down everyone’s ID numbers and address in Copenhagen,” states Hannah Borno, a photojournalist working alongside Guardian writer Charlie Skelton “They asked us all how long we were going to stay in Copenhagen and what our interest in the conference was – noting it all down in their notebooks. I believe that if any foreigners had been unable to produce ID we would have probably been arrested. Thankfully, I had remembered to bring my passport that day so avoided a sojourn in the cells.”

Borno makes the distinction between the cops who showed up to harass activists and the “dialogue police,” who had handled the previous days’ events well without resorting to intimidation tactics.

Infowars reporters were ejected from the Marriott twice earlier in the week despite having made reservations at the hotel.

The panicked behavior of the hotel security staff and their overkill in calling the police highlights the paranoia surrounding Bilderberg. Airport-style security was set up for the entrance of the hotel shortly before the conference began.

Photos: Hannah Borno. (Used with permission).

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