As Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Rob Dew report, there is a demonstration planned this evening in New York to shut down Donald Trump and a New York State Republican Party gala at the Grand Hyatt hotel. Activists hope for a repeat of what happened in Chicago when Trump was prevented from speaking.

Activists from the failed Occupy Wall Street movement and other progressives say they can muster 10,000 people to protest Trump’s appearance in Midtown Manhattan. “It’s going to be way bigger than Chicago,” Aaron Black, an Occupy Wall Street activist, told Yahoo News.

Groups that will participate in the effort to deny Trump his First Amendment right include the Muslim Democratic Club of New York, United We Dream Action, and Make the Road Action.

“A collection of organizations and independent New Yorkers are mobilizing to shut down Trump and oppose creeping Trumpism under the banner #HateFreeNY,” a statement released by MoveOn declares. Political Action took responsibility for the violence last month in Chicago after a Trump event was cancelled. Ilya Sheyman, a failed Illinois contender for Congress and the executive director of the organization, promised more demonstrations and disruption.

MoveOn has consistently functioned as a lobby group for the policies of the Obama administration, including the disaster of Obamacare and the continuation of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the escalation of the war on terror that has turned America into a police and surveillance state. In 2007 it backed a bill trotted out by then Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to continue financing the occupation of Iraq.

The group acts as a front for wealthy Democrats. It was founded with the help of the financier George Soros who donated $1.46 million to get the organization rolling. Linda Pritzker of the Hyatt hotel family gave the group a $4 million donation.

Many of the Democrat and “progressive” candidates supported by MoveOn have failed to be elected after the organization was formed in 1998.

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