Allegations in the Freddie Gray case that Baltimore is a “cops’ playground” where police mete out street justice with impunity are driving vows from civil rights protesters to “shut down” Baltimore on a busy and sunny spring weekend, with the Red Sox in town to face the Orioles.

Six Baltimore police officers have been suspended with pay after their handling of Mr. Gray led to his death a week after his arrest. On April 12, Gray ran from police after making eye contact, and was then arrested for carrying what police allege is a small, illegal knife. Video shows Gray limp and screaming in pain as he’s loaded into a jail transport.

Whether the officers in question were acting lawlessly or out of malice is not clear, though the picture is getting “sharper and sharper,” according to police commissioner Anthony Batts. So far, police have not been able to explain Gray’s severe spinal injury, nor why they didn’t get an obviously injured man immediate medical care.

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