Protestors are already hitting D.C. streets just two days before Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president.

Trump’s historic inauguration has already come under numerous threats from radical left-wing political groups that have vowed to disrupt the event by any means.

As reported by Infowars Paul Joseph Watson, the National Press Photographers Association has even issued guidelines to journalists “that virtually mirror those sent out during the Ferguson riots in 2014.”

“Agitators are openly calling for ‘chaos’ in a bid to shut down the inauguration and create the impression that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate, but opposition groups like Bikers For Trump have vowed to form a ‘wall of meat’ to prevent them from doing so,” Watson writes.

So far numerous plots have been uncovered by Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, who revealed how organizers behind the #DisruptJ20 movement planned attacks on Trump supporters attending inauguration events.

Other plans included blocking access to the inauguration by disabling the Washington DC metro line, an act which constitutes terrorism under federal law.

Infowars will be providing up-to-the-minute coverage from on the ground in D.C. for Friday’s presidential inauguration. Stay tuned to for updates.

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