Officials at a New Jersey high school ordered a senior student to undergo a psychiatric evaluation over a project concerning gun rights which had been approved one year prior.

Administrators reprimanded Manville High School student Frank Harvey after they found the project on a USB flash drive he left behind in one of the school computers.

“I’ve never been a violent person,” Harvey told News 12 New Jersey. “I’ve never had detention in my life.”

Harvey says the video project – which featured pro-gun statistics, instances in which guns had successfully been used in self defense and political cartoons depicting gun free zones in a negative light – was approved by a teacher, who even awarded him an “A.”

Check out slides from the student’s project:

project0 project1 project2

“It was assigned by the teacher, and I got the topic, which was anti-gun control, approved by the teacher,” Harvey stated.

After police questioning, Harvey was cleared.

The teacher, however, told Harvey’s family she couldn’t recall assigning the project, and school officials ordered the student to undergo a five-hour psychological exam before being allowed back to school.

Harvey’s parents told News 12 New Jersey they have no intention of taking  him to a shrink.

“I’m not taking him for a psychological evaluation because this teacher is lying and won’t own up to what she did,” Harvey’s mother Mary Vervan asserted.

The student won’t be completing his high school year, won’t be attending graduation and will instead work to obtain his GED.

Harvey’s punishment is similar to another lobbed at a 13-year-old in nearby Vernon Township. In 2014, seventh grader Ethan Chaplin was ordered by school officials to undergo a five-hour psychiatric evaluation for holding his pencil like a gun.

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