Kurt Nimmo
July 22, 2011

A cop with an anger management problem in Canton, Ohio, threatened to kill a citizen exercising his right under the Second Amendment. The public servant was so irate he forgot to turn off his dash cam before threatening to shoot the man in the head.

The story went viral when the dash cam video found its way to You Tube, the scourge of criminally insane cops. In response, the Canton Police Department posted the following statement Thursday on its Facebook page:

I want to assure our citizens that the behavior, as demonstrated in this video, is wholly unacceptable and in complete contradiction to the professional standards we demand of our officers. As such, appropriate steps were placed in motion as dictated by our standards, policies and contractual obligations. Those steps included: The officer immediately being relieved of all duty. The incident has been referred to the Internal Affairs Bureau for what will be a complete and thorough investigation. As bad as the video indicates our officer’s actions were, there is a due process procedure to follow. That process is designed in the best interest of both our employees and the citizens at large. That process will be followed in this case as in all others. Anyone shown to be in violation of our rules and regulations will be help appropriately responsible as dictated by all the facts.

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