A Puerto Rican blogger discovered a massive warehouse full of everything from pallets of water, ready to eat meals, and baby supplies that had been sitting unused by Puerto Rican officials following the aftermath of 2017’s Category 5 Hurricane Maria which was the worst natural disaster in Puerto Rico’s history.

Compounding the trauma, Puerto Rico continues to be rocked by significant earthquakes making the distribution of the hidden aid that more vital.

And the media only made it worse, spinning a war of words between President Trump and Puerto Rican officials.

The media is also characterizing the corrupt officials as the victims rather than the Puerto Rican people they are victimizing no matter how hard President Trump tries, even with the recent release of 8.2 Billion in disaster aid.

But don’t expect an apology from a ruthless media monstrosity riddled with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

They will be there to spotlight the leftist narrative no matter who, where or what it destroys.

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