Do we have a right to be on Facebook? Who decides? With social media becoming an ever-increasing hub of public life, what happens when you can’t get online?

You Can’t Watch This tells the story of five controversial figures deplatformed for their political beliefs, finding themselves forced to adjust to watching the debate from the outside.

The debate over the First Amendment and online freedom of speech ramped up after President Trump retweeted an Infowars video and an article detailing the social media bans of Paul Joseph Watson, journalist Laura Loomer, and actor James Woods.

In an attempt to control the opinions of 2.4 billion people, Facebook escalated the war against free speech earlier this month after not only banning Infowars and Alex Jones, but also forbidding its own users to post Infowars content unless they did so in a negative light.

In a counterstrike against the coordinated censorship by Big Tech & MSM cartels, Infowars is launching a grassroots poster campaign to circumvent their digital blacklisting of independent voices. We’re bringing back the tried and true method of reaching people through the power of art and information in posters – like the French Resistance!

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