A toy commercial from the 1960s illustrates exactly how far American society has shifted in recent years on the issue of firearms.

In the television ad from toy-maker Mattel, a young boy fires and reloads one of the most realistic replica revolver pistols ever created, complete with smoke and loud “Bang!” sound effect.

“You are watching a demonstration of the most authentic cap pistol in the world,” an announcer says. “It has exclusive panning action, and shoots safe shooting shells with greenie stickem caps.

“The gun and hip slung Mattel holster are specially made for a fast draw.”

“Every boy will walk tall when he wears a holster and pistol with a Mattel brand,” the ad says.

In modern society, the regressive left has attempted to instill Americans with a sense of fear regarding guns.

The issue has gotten so out-of-hand that some schools have implemented ridiculous zero tolerance policies targeting anything even remotely resembling guns.

Recent cases over the years in which children were punished in school over “gun” incidents (that didn’t even involve a gun) include the infamous Hello Kitty bubble gun ‘terroristic’ incident, the miniature lego gun school bus massacre, the plastic toy soldier holding a gun on a cup cake catastrophe, and the perilous pencil pointing ‘pow powers’ of Virginia.

The extent to which modern liberals are terrified by the inanimate objects reached new heights of absurdity when students at the University of Texas in Austin protested concealed campus carry with sex toys.

The left’s attempt to indoctrinate Americans into fearing firearms is just another indication of the “pussification” of the US, as highlighted recently by Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood.

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