May 15, 2013

When Amber arrived at her job at the Mystery Bookshop in downtown Seattle she was surprised to find the placed cordoned off by police. And there, in front of the store, was a suspicious package – an inflated granola bar wrapper and a computer modem card.

According to the report, someone noticed the dubious granola wrapper around 7 a.m. and notified the Seattle Police Department. The police then notified the bomb squad who, prepared for the worst, sprinted to the scene and barricaded the area.

After only five minutes, and who knows how many hours of over-time pay, the bomb squad determined that the inflated granola wrapper was just that – a harmless piece of paper lying next to a discarded modem card.

Amber took to her blog to say she was grateful for the quick response. “In this day and age, you cannot be too careful,” she wrote. “Thanks to the SPD for making sure everything was safe at the shop.”

One can only guess at how long it will take for granola bars to be banned in school lunchboxes.

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