Jessica Nadeau
Le Devoir
July 2, 2013

Quebec began a major offensive much more energetic in the hope to fluoridate drinking water for half of the population within five years. This is a final attempt of the Directorate of Public Health already considering if it were to fail, to turn to food fluoridation.

“We will intensify information activities and respond to the misinformation that is being done by means communicative with the public using new technologies, says the National Director of Public Health and Deputy Minister of Health Deputy Minister, Horacio Arruda. He will also have to be present [the opponents] in a public place. This is not to go to war, but to restore the facts as they are conceived. “According to experts in public health, water fluoridation is an inexpensive tool, safe and effective to fight tooth decay.

The admission of the director of public health, the latest strategy to promote the fluoridation of drinking water, which ranged from 2005 to 2012, was a true “failure.” The national plan was to increase the rate of penetration of this measure from 7 to 50%. It is now below 3%.

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