Andrew Alderson
London Telegraph
June 28, 2010

She is expected to appeal for world unity and world peace when she addresses the 192-member General Assembly of the United Nations for the first time in more than half a century at the end of her summer tour of Canada.

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According to senior royal sources, the Queen, who arrives in Canada tomorrow, is hopeful that her speech of 6 July will be remembered as one of the high-points of her reign.

On that occasion, she said: “This Assembly was born of the endeavours of countless men and women from different nations who, over the centuries, have pursued the aims of the preservation of peace between nations, equality of justice for all before the law and the right of the peoples of the world to live their lives in freedom and security.

“The Charter of the United Nations was framed with a view to giving expression to these great purposes and so forming a fitting memorial to the men and women whose toil and sacrifices turned those ideas into articles of faith for the nations of today…”


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