John Nolte
December 12, 2013

Oprah Winfrey did everything expected of her. She co-starred in an “important” movie — one about American racism, no less! “The Butler” was also a box office hit and her performance  critically lauded.  On top of that, Oprah’s pro-Obama bona fides are in proper order and during “The Butler’s” promotional blitz, Oprah even claimed she had been the victim of racism at a luxury Swiss boutique. And yet, despite hitting every necessary sweet spot during awards season, Oprah was snubbed by the Golden Globes Thursday.

The snub might be the result of a backlash against the talk-titan billionaire, who was forced to walk back her claim of being a victim of racism after the Swiss sales clerk in question branded the mogul a liar.

Oprah’s story was always fishy. It was just a little too neat that while promoting a film with a heavy racial theme, Oprah was handed a perfect anecdote about being a victim of racism herself — while shopping for a $38,000 purse. Most fishy, though, was Oprah’s refusal to name the store, which made her claim all the more difficult to verify.

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