MSNBC host Rachel Maddow appeared to have a more optimistic view of the Mueller hearings on Wednesday night, calling it a “remarkable day” and insisted that it wasn’t a “great day” for President Trump.

“I will tell you, I was not quite sure what to expect from today’s testimony by Robert Mueller,” Maddow told her audience. “If you had told me that today, we would get from Robert Mueller over the course of these seven hours such a blunt accounting from him… of who in the president’s campaign was compromised by Russia, and how, specifically how they were compromised by Russia, including the president.”

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The highly-rated liberal cable news host characterized the hearings as “landmark” and “historic,” but conceded that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller “definitely seemed older than his 74 years” and that he seemed “less on top of matters.”

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Robert Mueller was caught in a lie when Congressman Andy Biggs pushed him for information he had already divulged in his report.

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