If a non-black person so much as looks at a black person the wrong way, mainstream media jumps on it with a vengeance. This black student viciously attacked a white student who sits in her desk and doesn’t fight back. The black girl scolds: “Remember your motherf****ing skin tone.”1

News coverage? Nowhere to be found. Just like this girl’s decency. Watch:

Notice how nobody steps in to stop this psycho? Probably because if they do, they’ll be called a racist. This isn’t the first time a white person has been targeted for their race (see College Employee Assaults White Student for ‘Racist’ Dreadlocks and Racist Brags About Making White Waitress Cry). And it won’t be the last either, thanks to race-baiting slimebags like BlackLivesMatter and Obama.

The left has fostered the perfect environment for racism to thrive. Bullies like this go unchecked and even protected (Harvard Tries Hiding ‘Debate’ Video: ‘Kill Yourself Over White Privilege’). They’re emboldened by the fact that they get special protection for being a “minority.” Don’t take my word for it. Refer back to video above. Want to defend yourself? Too bad. Embrace your white guilt and take the beating. Or you’re a racist.


Everyone has gotten so used to fake accusations that we’ve forgotten what a real hate crime looks like. In case you were wondering, this is it. Calling 911 over imaginary racism? No. Using someone’s skin color as a means to spur on your caveman violence? Yes.

GrinderDoTheMath GIF

Obviously we don’t know what happened before this video. Is it possible the victim said something racist to spark this temper tantrum? Maybe. That doesn’t discount the fact that there are tons of people taking advantage of racial tension. Also, this girl incriminates herself by opening her mouth and being shamelessly racist. It’s discrimination no matter which way you slice it. Just a reminder: these are the types of people who comprise Black Lives Matter. No thanks.

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