The “Flyover America” tour continues to destroy the liberal media’s narrative about middle America and President Trump’s supporters.

While in Wichita, KS Infowars reporter Millie Weaver has an in-depth conversation with Francisco, a biracial Hispanic and Native American Trump supporter who has woken up to ‘fake news’ race baiting by listening to the Alex Jones Show.

He reveals that his father was an illegal immigrant who worked hard to become an American citizen whereas his wife’s father, also an illegal immigrant, broke the law resulting in deportation back to Mexico.

He discusses the struggle he’s had advocating Trump within his family and community.

By persistently re-posting Infowars articles and using Infowars products, he has been able to get some of his loved ones to wake-up.

Francisco represents the quintessential middle American who supports the Constitution, Bill of Rights, President Trump and Infowars.

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