Harold Gray
April 17, 2009

At the San Antonio Tea Party sponsored by the false conservative media shills, a lone sign stuck out in the crowd proclaiming "Save White America" with a phone number attached. The circus sideshow presentation of a long bearded guy holding a racist sign, and wearing a white plastic bracelet with white shoe laces on his boots, failed to cause the controversy the guy expected. The people that I observed talking to this guy didn’t take him seriously and thought he was an operative who was trying to discredit the event with racial overtones. After observing this guy and taking pictures, I decided to go interview him and ask him his position on race, why he was here and expose him for the provocateur he was.

Since this was a large media spectacle promoted by Fox news, it was a perfect opportunity for someone to further propagate the false connection of racist right-wing extremism to the liberty movement, conservatives and anyone who speaks out against the current administration. This agenda was recently pushed in the media due to the self proclaimed racist cop killer in Philadelphia, Poplawski who just happened to visit Alex Jones’ website Infowars. The corporate liberal media used this as an opportunity to link Jones to this racist, in order to discredit his message and the liberty movement in general. The ADL and others smeared Jones by suggesting the content on his site somehow contributed to Poplawski’s cop killing spree on that fateful day. Originally, the media failed to report the fact that on the white supremacist forum Stormfront, he criticized Jones for not exposing "the Jews nefarious role in the global conspiracy". This is an important footnote to remember when I get to the confrontation of, "Save White America" guy.

This clear attempt to lump Infowars and other alternative sites exposing government corruption to white supremacist failed and was eventually retracted by most media outlets. This is not the first attempt to discredit the liberty movement by integrating it with racist right wing extremists. The controversial MIAC fusion center report exposed by the Infowars team, sought to equate Ron Paul supporters, third party supporters, libertarians and people who display political bumper stickers with domestic terrorists and hate groups. This absurd report was also retracted once Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin threatened legal action.

The new report released by Homeland Security, furthers the notion of the rise of right-wing extremism due to the fact we have the first non-white President. Of course there are legitimate racists who are out there, but this report again basically labels anyone who is in disagreement with the government as being racist. Tactics like this are used in order to silence dissent and create an illusion that somehow criticizing Obama’s policies equate to racism.

Understanding the history behind this discredit operation will put the interview I had with the provocateur in context. I approached him and asked if I could interview him on his position on race and what he was trying to accomplish with this sign. He first asked "are you with the media?" I responded "No, but I run a alternative news website" he then begins to pass out his business card and then abruptly shouts "You wanna know bout Alex Jones or something?" I found this very strange since nobody mentioned him or his website and the fact he said it after asking if I was the media.

After this exchange, I knew I was onto something so I played dumb, and asked him who Alex was and what he thought of him. He said "he talks about the New World Order and international bankers", he then later said that Alex and the New World Order promote race mixing and that is the root of all the problems we face. I explained to him that this was in direct contrast of the true elite agenda which is to use divisive issues of race to divide us and get us at each others throats while they enslave all of us. His nervous demeanor and goofy grin struck me as odd. I was waiting for him to present his case for racial division and be the racist he claims to be. Imagine the boldness of someone coming to San Antonio with a sign saying "Save White America" with your phone number on it. You have to assume that you would provoke negative and hostile responses. He was surprised he said that people were talking to him with courtesy and were asking him about his race issue without bashing him.

[efoods]The reason for this is because he was perceived as a circus sideshow, people did not take him seriously and intuitively assumed that this was a paid plant, used to discredit the movement. After engaging him a little I decided to expose him as being the racist provocateur that I later found he was. I began asking him "what does race have to do with the Fed, IRS and wars for empire", for example. He had no response to these questions, and just kept repeated "race mixing". I told him that he was either purposely discrediting the movement or he was a pawn being used to associate the liberty movement with right-wing racist extremists. After pointing this out and exposing him, he walked off without saying a word.

After getting back to Austin, I began to investigate the info on the card he gave me. A quick Google search of the name of his business "Fair Folk" and the address, produced a link to a post describing him on Stormfront:

I am posting this for fellow WN, Kent Karstadt who lives in on a large ranch that he owns in Pawnee, Texas. Kent is a young man who is fed up with the US government and wants to contact fellow WNs in his area. He wants to work for the creation of a White living space and promotion of White interests. Kent refers to Whites as "fair folk". He has lots of interesting and out of the box ideas and is a very kind and good person. His contact info is below, he doesnt have internet but if you write to him he will call you. Please use the " " around the address as it is posted since he refuses to be considered part of the US.

This explains his outburst about Alex Jones since the media attention Poplawski received had shed light on the Stormfront forum. So it seems his business is a front group for a White Nation recruitment campaign, and the term "Fair Folk" is code for white people. The only question now is if this group has been infiltrated by a government handler, pushing actions like the one he took, in order to demonize the movement and ensnare other racist in a database. It’s interesting that the business card states this "Please tell us about yourself, and request free information!", "You can call at any time to hear and leave a message!" So basically, it’s an answer machine that is collecting information about people who fall for this "Fair Folk" White Nation living space this guy says he wants to create.

This could be a racist group who just wants to live in a community of their own, or it could be a provocateur operation running in the background, using members as pawns for the secret agenda of discrediting the liberty movement and alternative news sites, who are exposing government corruption. Below are the videos chronicling what occurred, judge for yourself by this guys demeanor and responses whether he is a agent provocateur or delusional individual seeking attention.

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