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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Racist Provocateur Posing As Tea Partier Threatens To Shoot Obama 150410top

Either the feds are up to their old tricks again or some of the individuals behind the “crash the tea party” campaign are taking things too far – Muskogee Tea Party leader Jamison Faught received a call yesterday from a man who tried to get him to agree to shooting the President, a clear attempt at entrapment as anarchists prepare to stage false flags at today’s tax rallies in an effort to frame the Tea Party movement as violent racists.

“Law-abiding Tea Partiers are apparently being infiltrated and made to look extreme,” writes Andrew W. Griffin of the Oklahoma Watchdog. “Growing evidence points to provocateurs that bring to mind the protests of the Vietnam War era and COINTELPRO.”

As we have been tracking, with the establishment media drooling at the prospect of mayhem and violence during this week’s tax protests, so that they can finally ally their baseless rhetoric about the vast majority of Tea Party members being violent extremists and racists with something tangibly shocking, so-called anarchists soon arrived on the scene to announce that they would infiltrate and pose as Tea Partiers before carrying out false flag incidents to portray the Tea Party movement as dangerous bigots.

Now the dirty tricks have intensified, with provocateurs posing as violent racists calling for assassination attempts against the President and attempting to get Tea Party leaders to agree with their rhetoric.

Oklahoma Watchdog received a tip Wednesday noting that a Tea Party activist, Jamison Faught, with the Muskogee Tea Party, had received a call from a man threatening violence at their Thursday Tea Party in Muskogee.

Faught said the man – using a blocked phone number – called him asking him if he was the head of the Muskogee Tea Party. He said he was.

“He then asked, ‘Can I bring my gun?’ I told him I didn’t think it would be a good idea in light of the shooting at the mall this past Saturday,” Faught said. “He then said, ‘Don’t you think someone should shoot the president?’”

Alarmed by the direction the conversation was going and what the man was saying, Faught said gun violence is not necessary and that the Tea Party advocates changing things at the ballot box. The caller said he “wanted to shoot somebody” and then said that the Second Amendment – the Right to Bear Arms – was “all about shooting n*ggers.”

“That’s when I hung up,” Faught said. He said they shared this information with the Muskogee County Sheriff, the District Attorney’s office, the U.S. Marshals and the Muskogee Police Department.

“There are people out there who want to portray the Tea Parties as racist,” Faught said. “That they are against African-Americans and the federal government. We’re not.”

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Would a genuine racist with any remaining intellect deliberately broadcast his desire to shoot the President, knowing that Faught would immediately report him to the authorities?

Invoking violence and attempting to get the intended target of your sting to agree is a favorite tactic of the feds every time they attempt to radicalize and bust some two-bit retarded militia or Muslim group, but this could just have easily been an adherent of the “crash the tea party” initiative, whose founder preaches non-violence but whose members subscribe to the opposite. It could have been a genuine Tea Partier, since any movement comprised of millions of people is bound to contain at least some fruitbats, but with all the hype surrounding violence and promises on behalf of anarchists to stage false flags while posing as Tea Partiers, the most likely culprit is clearly one of the former two groups.

Remember, it was the feds, paid for with your tax dollars, who directed phony right-wing radio host Hal Turner to make death threats against federal judges in Illinois and lawmakers in Connecticut.

The supposed white supremacist worked for the agency from 2002 until 2007. “His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest,” Michael Orozco told the Associated Press.

As Griffin points out, the fact that the call was put through to a leading Tea Party representative in Oklahoma, the same location as the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, perpetrated by the FBI-directed patsy Timothy McVeigh, allied with the recent controversy surrounding efforts to create a volunteer Oklahoma militia to counter growing federal power in the state, strongly suggests that this was some kind of attempted set-up that would have been used to provoke authorities into crushing the Tea Party movement in Oklahoma.

As we reported yesterday, the Oath Keepers organization was forced to withdraw from a “Restore the Constitution” rally in Virginia because participants in the march were spewing violent rhetoric and threatening to brandish guns during the event, which is precisely what the establishment media wants to see so they can exploit such scenes to demonize Constitutionalists as unhinged extremists with gun fetishes.

With Crash the Tea Party leader Jason Levin having apparently organized leaders across 65 cities to coordinate the plan to “infiltrate and dismantle” the Tea Party rallies, we can expect all manner of dirty tricks to be played during today’s events, but the acid test on whether they have any impact will be down to how genuine tea partiers react and whether or not the corporate media takes the bait.

The Axiom For Liberty blog has put together a useful guide on how to deal with provocateurs in the event of them attempting to cause mayhem at today’s protests. The key thing is to never lose your temper and always keep the anarchists, feds, or whomever they be me within the confines of a camera lens so that their false flags can be exposed for all to see.

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